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Fashion business is a pillar industry of Heilan Group. After more than 30 years of development, Heilan Group has rich experience in successful operation of international and domestic brands, and is praised as Silicon Valley of China's Fashion Industry. 

As a listed company under Heilan Group, Heilan Home Co., Ltd. has been continuously consolidating and enhancing the operation ability of its management platform, which is oriented by brand, guided by market demand and supported by information technology. Focusing on strategic objectives, it implements multi-brand strategy for different target markets and audiences, cultivates new profit growth points, and achieves multi-category development and omni-channel layout.

Heilan Home Co., Ltd.

A leading enterprise in China's fashion industry

Heilan Home Co。, Ltd。 provides consumers with the one-stop beauty of the full-category fashion life by operating and managing brands such as YEEHOO and HEILADYS for infants' and children's, HLA for national men's, HLA JEANS for sportswear, EICHITOO for fast fashion women's, SANCANAL for custom occupational as a leading brand, and HEILAN HOME for life household。 In 2014, Heilan Home Co。, Ltd。 went public with the stock code of 600398, becoming the largest clothing enterprise in the A-stock market with a total market value of over RMB 70 billion Yuan。 On July 24, 2015, HLA was listed in the Forbes 50 Best Listed Companies in Asia Pacific in 2015。 HLA ranked 14th, ahead of Coach, Prada and other international brands in the Top 25 List of the World's Most Valuable Companies of Apparel & Accessories & Luxuries" released by Standard & Poor's in 2016。

Established in 2002, HLA is committed to providing global men with fashionable design, high-quality products and excellent shopping experience keeping up with the global fashion elements. It constantly launches fast fashion and high-quality clothing products that meet the aesthetics and preferences of a wide...

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Founded in 1995, SANCANAL is positioned to customize high-end occupational clothes, from elegant and solemn uniforms for financial practitioners to British-style formal dress for students, widely serving the government, banking, educational and other industries. Over 20 years of professional accumulation...

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Invested and shared by Heilan Home Co., Ltd., EICHITOO was established for women's wear in 2010. Position as a fast fashion brand, EICHITOO integrates modern fashion and multi-culture. EICHITOO combines fashion design and popular elements for women's clothing, and ingeniously integrates refined style and...

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Heilan Home is a fully new brand of lifestyle home furnishing under Heilan Group. It is committed to improving the national life aesthetics and providing the citizens with one-stop shopping experience for selected high-quality home furnishing products, which cover eleven major commodity series and nearly 4,000 kinds....

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Officially launched in 2017, HLA JEANS is a brand of fashionable sports shoes and clothing under Heilan Group。 As a popular fashion brand of the new trend in China, HLA JEANS provides products of three series, i。e。, sports, streets, and party for new urban youth aged 18 to 35 with global design, high quality, and。。。

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With ubiquitous high-end feeling, Original Vogue & Value (OVV) focuses on transforming high-fashion language into valuable products, and integrating fashionable clipping, luxury fabrics, comfortable version, and moderate price into simple design language. OVV firmly believes that the most attractive products always...

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Founded in 2017, AEX is a menswear brand of Shanghai Xidu Apparel Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group. AEX products are divided into two major series, functional technology and modern city. AEX men's wear is dedicated to breaking the boundary between work and life, transforming high-quality techniques, technological...

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